Thursday, September 5, 2013


About Nican Tlaca University of Cemanahuac (NTUC) provides online education about the history and civilized achievements of Indigenous People. Nican Tlaca = Mexicans, Central Americans, Native Americans, South American Indigenous, and Canadian First Nations (without borders).
Mission (NTUC) aims to become the #1 online source of history and heritage for Indigenous People of Cemanahuac ("the Western Hemisphere").
The intellectual and moral foundation of this project is derived from the work of Mexica Movement as well as the academic works of numerous scholars, historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, scientists, and learning theorists.

This project builds on that foundation by adding more resources: "21st-Century" learning technology as well as a focus on promoting "Nican Tlaca Cultural Literacy".
Description is a project to consolidate and transmit the collective Indigenous history of Nican Tlaca (mixed-blood and full-blood Indigenous People) across Cemenahuac ("the Western Hemisphere").
The emphasis is on decolonizing our history and liberating our people from over 500 years European Colonialism/White Supremacy.

The ultimate goal is to provide a consolidated body of knowledge from which future generations can reconstruct a new version of Nican Tlaca Civilization. This new civilization will thrive on high-tech genius, cultural courage, and total freedom from European Colonialism (which has been continuous since 1492).

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